Leonard Nimoy’s Son Makes Memorable 'Big Bang Theory' Appearance

It was one of the most ballyhooed episodes of CBS’s monster hit “Big Bang Theory” in a while: The late Spock actor Leonard Nimoy’s son Adam comes to interview his dad’s biggest fan, Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

Adam Nimoy and the documentary plan are real; the interview with Sheldon (actor Jim Parsons) is just a sit-com storyline you’d expect to incite the best out of the Emmy-winning actor.

And it does, in both the show’s trademark nerd-laced hilarity but also in unexpected ways as the depths of Sheldon’s mourning over his breakup with Amy (a Forward favorite, Jewish actress Mayim Bialik) is laid bare.

Adam Nimoy bares a striking reference to his Jewish late father, and the interview is set up by Sheldon’s frenemy Wil Wheaton (the “Star Trek” actor who plays a fictional version of himself).

Nimoy knocks on the door and one of the first things out of Sheldon’s mouth is this golden nugget: “I admire your father’s work very much. It’s not every day I get to meet someone whose life’s journey began in my hero’s scrotum.”

Wheaton quips to Nimoy: “I told you this guy is gold.”

But the fun spirals to despair as Sheldon pulls from a secret wall safe a napkin Nimoy’s dad signed and used; and the ring (yes ring) he was planning to give Amy.

And at that, fans on Twitter exploded in sympathy, even more so when he sees Amy with another man:

The show has another yin/yang storyline of fun and sadness.

Howard Wolowitz (played by Simon Helberg, also Jewish), is mourning his mother’s death and resisting his wife’s intention to redecorate his childhood home.

Bernadette says she wants to get rid of some of the depressing memories — and wallpaper — and feels like she still really is not her husband’s partner in the home.

The response from Wolowitz (Helberg) is dripping with his trademark sexism.

“Honey of course it's your house!” he assures. “Why else would you be cleaning it all the time?”

The episode, (The Spock Resonance S9 Ep7) can be watched here.

Leonard Nimoy’s Son Makes Memorable 'Big Bang Theory' Appearance

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Leonard Nimoy’s Son Makes Memorable 'Big Bang Theory' Appearance

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