Feel the Bern With This Steamy 2016 Calendar

Do you love keeping track of important life events, democratic socialism and scantily clad, good-looking men? This calendar is for you!

Joe Beuerlein is an actor, bartender and a die-hard Bernie Sanders supporter. He loves the Democratic presidential candidate so much that he started an Instagram account in his honor. And not just any Instagram. A very, very sexy Instagram: @menwhobern.

In it, Beuerlein hunts down the candidate’s best-looking male supporters. It has over 7,000 followers and it’s, well, full of eye-candy.

Now, with the help of friends, professional photographers and a dozen hotties, Beuerlein has decided to make a professional, steamy calendar based on the Instagram account. “Men Who Bern” will help raise money for the grassroots efforts to help the Vermont senator win his home state of New York.

“For a host of legal reasons,” Beuerlein wrote on the calendar’s website “Funds raised will NOT go to the official campaign. That’s why you should go donate right now to them directly! And then come back here and get your sexy on.”

The calendar features 12 ridiculously good-looking and diverse Bernie supporters, some wearing t-shirts that say “Bernie is my Bae” or “No Sleep till Bernie”, and well, very little else.

If this doesn’t make you feel the bern, nothing will! The calendars are available until January 15th, so go get yours while it’s hot.

This story "Feel the Bern With This Steamy 2016 Calendar" was written by Lior Zaltzman.

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Feel the Bern With This Steamy 2016 Calendar

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