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Watch: Drake’s ‘Rapsterdom’ is Questioned by Hilarious Jiminy Glick

What do we have to do and who do we have to pay to have Martin Short stay in character as Jiminy Glick forever and ever and ever?

Fresh from his Larry David fumble, television’s rudest celebrity reporter sat down with Canadian Jewish rapper Drake on Tuesday night’s episode of “Maya & Marty,” and much like David, Drake was not amused.

Like when he asked “the living legend of rapsterdom” why his music is a turn off.

Or when Glick inquired about Drake’s missing foreskin.

Watch the full interview here:

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Warning: YouTubing Jiminy Glick videos will lead you down the dark hole of the Internet and you will come up, hours later, having learned that Short’s Glick character is daring and absolutely hilarious. Like this interview when he asked Mel Brooks about the Nazis.

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Watch: Drake’s ‘Rapsterdom’ is Questioned by Hilarious Jiminy Glick

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