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7 Things We Learned From Barbra Streisand’s Essay on Trump — and One Thing She’s Still Asking

On Sept 22, Barbra Streisand penned a scathing essay in the Huffington Post calling Trump, among other things, “a guy who looks like a raccoon in a tanning bed.”

But with her humor comes some key takeaways:

She’s transparent in her goal.

“If we want the country to continue to improve, we must continue President Obama’s incredible policy work, successful despite the worst opposition we’ve ever seen in Congress, and vote for Hillary Clinton — and down the ballot for Democratic senators and congresspersons who will not be negative and obstructionist.”

She thinks facts haven’t mattered in this election.

“We saw how Matt Lauer didn’t challenge him. Chris Wallace, the Fox News personality who is hosting one of the debates, has gone on record saying that facts are not relevant to him. This should be profoundly unacceptable to the American people. Our country and its stability is on the line. Facts do matter!”

She knows why Donald calls Hillary “crooked”.

“When Trump throws around words like “crooked,” he’s really describing himself and he doesn’t even know it. In psychological terms, it’s called “the disowned self.” Psychiatrists have explained how a person who refuses to recognize his own flaws will often project them onto other people.”

She has a message for those who think Trump will make them rich.

“[G]et the facts straight. Investors in his failed casino ventures lost 90 percent of their money between 1995-2005. When the going gets tough, Trump vanishes. He eventually filed for bankruptcy, leaving others holding the bag.”

On Trump’s supporters: “One in five of his supporters believe slavery should never have been abolished and 61 percent believe President Obama wasn’t born in the United States.”

Why Isn’t Hillary getting the credit she deserves? “It goes back to something I’ve felt for many years…strong women, powerful women have always been suspect. Some men are challenged by strong women… afraid of them… and some women are jealous of them. Strong women have too many opinions for some people… they prefer women who are quiet. They want us to speak less and smile more.”

Her sick foreign policy burn: “Donald Trump, whose idea of foreign policy was bringing the Miss Universe pageant to Russia. How can you support a man who says, “Women… you have to treat them like sh—“ and believes such hateful things about 51 percent of the American population?”

The question she’s still asking:

“What has Donald Trump ever done to serve others?”

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7 Things We Learned From Barbra Streisand’s Essay on Trump — and One Thing She’s Still Asking

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