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WATCH: Broad City Releases Post-Trump Apocalypse Promo

Comics Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer capture a sense of crushing doom in a promo for Broad City released just after Inauguration.

In the video, the two comics speak on FaceTime as they prepare for the impending post-Inauguration apocalypse.

“Abbi, it is about to get ‘I Am Legend’ up in here,” Ilana says, referring to the post-apocalyptic zombie thriller from 2007.

“Ilana, remember what we learned in Krav Maga [Israeli martial arts], ok?” Abi asks

Then they get an alert that Trump has been sword into office - and the world is still standing. That doesn’t stop them from freaking out about the new president.

“People are just going to be peeing on other people, man!” Abbi says.

“I’m foaming out the mouth now!” Ilana says.

Then, they resign themselves to their fate. Abbi says she’ll come over to Ilana.

“You know what, we’ll just Google how to Google our local representatives,” Abbi says.

The next season of Broad City starts in summer 2017.

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WATCH: Broad City Releases Post-Trump Apocalypse Promo

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