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This Chinese Plastic Surgery Company Can Make You Look Like Ivanka Trump

Have a hankering to look like Ivanka Trump? There’s a plastic surgery company in China that can help you with that.

Foshan Yiwanka Medical Management (Yiwanka is Chinese for Ivanka), located in the southeastern city Foshan, offers eye and nose surgery, as well as liposuction and breast enlargement — with a specialized twist.

“Young women in China like to change their looks to copy film stars’ eyes, noses and lips,” the company’s human resources manager Li Yunxing told The Washington Post. “No doubt young women here want Ivanka’s big eyes, her pretty nose and lips and her flawless figure.”

He added: “Her facial features, disposition and appearance are perfect, no matter whether they are judged by the beauty standards of the East or the West.”

Foshan Yiwanka isn’t the only Chinese business entity capitalizing on Ivanka. The Post reported that 258 trademark applications have been filed to use the business mogul’s name, or an iteration of it, on their products — which range from sanitary napkins to diet pills.

Ivanka has been a consistently popular figure in China, with The Global Times, an English-language Chinese newspaper, saying she “balances Trump’s harsh posture”.

She also made internet waves back in November, after posting a video of her daughter Arabella reciting Chinese poet Li Shen’s “Sympathy for the Peasants.” The clip went viral on Weinbo, a popular Chinese platform sharing service, with users flooding the site with giddy comments.

“Trump’s granddaughter is welcome to come to China to learn Chinese!”

“Reciting poems… I can’t hold it any more… SO CUTE.”

Some responses, though, were a little more tongue-in-cheek.

“He got his granddaughter to learn Chinese to find out whether Chinese people are badmouthing him,” one commenter quipped.

Thea Glassman is an Associate Editor at the Forward. Reach her at or on Twitter at @theakglassman.

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This Chinese Plastic Surgery Company Can Make You Look Like Ivanka Trump

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