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The 5 Best Celebrity Pranks Of All Time

Attention all you pranksters out there. April Fools is just around the corner, which means it is officially your day to shine.

In celebration of the ultimate day of whimsy, and for anyone feeling a little tapped out on the ideas front, we pulled together the very best of celebrity foolery. From Dustin Hoffman’s ongoing bit of hiding behind trees to Amy Schumer trolling Kim and Kayne, here’s how Jewish stars do pranking right.

Dustin Hoffman messes with the paparazzi.

Dustin Hoffman loves to hide from photographers in the most creative ways possible. Below, find the Academy Award winning actor peeking out from behind tree branches, peering through binoculars and wearing a large paper bag over his head. As if we needed anymore reasons to love him.

Daniel Radcliffe pretends to be a receptionist.

Be still our hearts. Daniel Radcliffe took over as receptionist at NYLON Magazine’s office for a couple of hours, and it was just as delightfully awkward and endearing as you could possibly hope it would be. Oh yeah, and turns out Joe Jonas, who happened to be visiting the office that day, is kind of obnoxious.

Drake interviews people about Drake.

The singer took to the streets of LA in disguise to ask people what they really think about him.

Amy Schumer trolls Kim and Kanye.

Amy Schumer pranked Kim and Kanye in the most simple, yet highly effective way possible. She fell head first in front of them on the red carpet. The power couple seemed pretty unamused by the whole thing — but it made for a great photo op. “They knew I was an idiot and I completely respect their reaction,” she told BBC Radio 1.

That time Sarah Silverman “hooked up” with Matt Damon.

There’s a whole elaborate prank war that’s been going down between frenemies Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel, and the peak moment was definitely this music video Damon made with Kimmel’s then girlfriend Sarah Silverman. Bonus points for being really catchy as well.

Thea Glassman is an Associate Editor at the Forward. Reach her at or on Twitter at @theakglassman.

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The 5 Best Celebrity Pranks Of All Time

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