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WATCH: Trevor Noah Bids Bill O’Reilly The Ultimate Farewell

Shalom and see ya never, Bill O’Reilly. The Fox News host was ousted yesterday after a New York Times exposé revealed that the many sexual assault harassment cases filed against the TV host resulted in a total of $13 million settlements, split between Fox News and O’Reilly. You know, like the check at a steak house.

After over 20 years hosting “The O’Reilly Factor” and an equally illustrious career of hushing up sexual assault allegations, it seems unfair that O’Reilly should lose his job, most of his $18 million salary, and reputation without a proper goodbye.

Enter Trevor Noah. The “Daily Show” host bid a fond farewell to “the biggest figure in the history of cable news,” noting, “at one point, no one even came close, because they were afraid that he might sexually harass them.”

Noah gave a spirited toast to O’Reilly’s greatest hits — his loss of temper on “Inside Edition,” his declaration that it’s “open season” on white Christian men in America, gleefully declaring, “the War on Christmas begins!”

Noah paid special respect to one of O’Reilly’s passion projects: his belief that many black Americans are “ill-educated, with tattoos on their foreheads.” The “Daily Show” host rolled clips of O’Reilly defending the use of Black slaves building the White House, telling a Black college professor guest on the show that he looks like a “cocaine dealer,” and saying of institutional racism, “you can’t prove it.”

Noah says it best: “This is so racist I can’t even be mad about it.”

Bill O’Reilly, we won’t miss you. So long and thanks for all the late-night comedy talk show fodder.

Watch Trevor Noah’s loving goodbye here:

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WATCH: Trevor Noah Bids Bill O’Reilly The Ultimate Farewell

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