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Ilana Glazer And Zoë Kravitz Play Ex-Lovers In ‘Rough Night’

Ilana Glazer, Zoë Kravitz, and Scarlett Johansson are starring together in the movie ‘Rough Night.’ If you are an avid reader of the Forward’s Schmooze section, as you should be, this is old news. But there’s something new.

Though three actresses feature at the forefront of feminism in Hollywood (well, at least two. Kravitz tends to stay out of the limelight), their upcoming film has been criticized for excluding sex workers from its definition of feminism.

So the movie seems to have taken a different tactic to prove that feminists should watch it. Out Magazine reported yesterday that the movie is including a lesbian couple, and that couple happens to be two of the movie’s three Jewish actresses.

While Johansson is playing a state senate candidate, the movie released a clip that pays particular attention to an apparent relationship between Ilana Glazer and Zoë Kravitz’s characters, Frankie and Blair, who were ex-college lovers who have maintained their sexual tension.

“We tend to bicker,” Glazer says affectionately. Kravitz immediately fires back “we debate, which is a normal part of talking. Everyone debates.”

It’s easy to imagine the two snuggling up next to each other at a Hillel Shabbat dinner, or protesting side-by-side at a J Street event. But don’t expect to see any flashbacks in this movie. It looks like they’ll be more focused on their ‘Rough Night’ ahead.

The movie will get a wide released on June 16. Watch the clip at here, and watch the trailer below:

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Ilana Glazer And Zoë Kravitz Play Ex-Lovers In ‘Rough Night’

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