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Have You Been Pronouncing Gal Gadot Wrong?

Jimmy Kimmel does a lot of things right as reigning King of Late Night Television. He speaks out in support of Obamacare, adorably exploits children’s love of candy, and even hires writers who get themselves blocked by Donald Trump on Twitter.

But something he once struggled with? Pronouncing Israeli actress Gal Gadot’s name.

Last year on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Gadot had to educate the television star on how to pronounce her last name. With the movie that will likely turn that name (meaning “Wave of the Riverbank) into a household one slated for a Friday release, it’s more important than ever that that education be shared once more with the world. Lest, of course, you want to risk accusations that you’re not a true Marvel fan.

Although many mistakenly drop the T at the end of Gadot’s name, the actress is Israeli, not French, and her name is pronounced in the Israeli way, with a hard T at the end: Guh-DOTT, not Guh-DOH.

Gadot also reveals in the video that her parents changed their last name from Greenstein to Gadot. The reason for the change is unconfirmed but Kimmel suspects its because they knew their daughter was destined for big things and needed a fitting moniker to accompany her success.

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This story "How Do You Pronounce ‘Gal Gadot’?" was written by Becky Scott.

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Have You Been Pronouncing Gal Gadot Wrong?

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