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Would Carrie Bradshaw Approve Of Sarah Jessica Parker’s New Sneaker Line?

I’m currently making my way through Sex and the City long after the curtain fell on the final episode. It’s hard to be left alone with all of my opinions about Big’s short-lived marriage to Natasha but last week, Sarah Jessica Parker finally gave me something relevant to write about: her brand-new sneaker line.

This is Parker’s first foray into the art of the sneaker – her full collection made its debut on Pinterest yesterday and it’s comprised mostly of sky-high heels. And as I scrolled through the slew of articles that came up when I Googled Parker’s new shoe line, I couldn’t help but wonder: if celebrities set our trends, does it matter what a bunch of anonymous internet bloggers think about Parker’s shoe line?

As you can see, using the word “sneaker” to describe those shoes is a stretch. But when you’re as famous as Parker, the world is your oyster. She could create a line of rubber ducks that would have elicited an opinion from every blogger this side of Antarctica. But the most important question is this: would Carrie Bradshaw approve?

Carrie Bradshaw never met a pair of sneakers she liked but if one existed, it would surely resemble Parker’s creation. Glittery, silver, impractical for any kind of exercise but perfect for spinning in the street without a reason – I can just see Bradshaw kicking her heel addiction to slip on these babies for a walk around town.

And isn’t that, after all, the only opinion that matters?

Becky Scott is the editor of The Schmooze. Follow her on Twitter at @arr_scott

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Would Carrie Bradshaw Approve Of Sarah Jessica Parker’s New Sneaker Line?

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