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Ivanka Trump Defends Dad On Fox & Friends And Twitter Is Not Having It

Just like her famous father before her, Ivanka Trump is constantly walking the increasingly blurry line between celebrity and serious political figure. The actual amount of power she holds in the White House is unclear but there’s no question that she played a part in getting him elected.

In a media landscape that no longer has hard and fast guidelines for how to cover Tila Tequila versus Paul Ryan, the First Daughter finds her way on to the cover of celebrity magazines as often as she does the set of Fox News.

Just days after US Weekly was criticized by the social media masses for sanitizing Ivanka Trump within its pages, Trump is on blast herself. This time, she’s being called out for a comment she made on the Trump family’s favorite show – “Fox & Friends.”

“There’s a level of viciousness I wasn’t expecting,” said Trump of the vitriol lobbed at her father on a daily basis.

This comment did not sit well with the tribes of Twitter.

The backlash is unsurprising – Ivanka Trump has long been criticized for defending, minimizing, or ignoring altogether the consequences of her father’s actions. And this, perhaps, is the danger of conflating the role of celebrity with that of a leader: celebrities are meant to entertain. Politicians are meant to make decisions that will have a real effect on the lives of millions of Americans.

Ivanka Trump may not have been elected but she’s an important mouthpiece for her erratic father and there’s no question that she bears more responsibility towards the American people than, say, Kendall Jenner.

Although, who knows. The way American politics are headed these days, Jenner could be Secretary of State by next Monday.

Ivanka Defends Dad, Twitter Claps Back

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Ivanka Trump Defends Dad On Fox & Friends And Twitter Is Not Having It

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