Kathy Griffin Was Interrogated By The Secret Service For A Full Hour

A lot has happened since Kathy Griffin was last in the news. Kim Jong Un has made progress on his intercontinental missile. Jay Z dropped his response to “Lemonade.” Lindsay Lohan announced she’s starting a lifestyle website !!!! (!!!!) !!!!!

So I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve forgotten all about how, more than a month ago, the comedian mistakenly thought she could flaunt a model of Donald Trump’s severed head on video without consequences.

You know who didn’t forget, though? The Secret Service. According to reports and despite a very public apology, Griffin was questioned for over an hour by secret service agents, who are, I suppose, trying to get to the bottom of her diabolical plan to actually cut off the president’s head? Or something.

Griffin, who officially identifies as not giving “a F anymore,” tweeted out a Think Progress article about TMZ, along with a message of apparent frustration with the ongoing investigation.

If only law enforcement paid this much attention to the death threats being lobbed at journalists! Surely several hundred journalists must have the combined value of one Donald Trump — right?

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Kathy Griffin Was Interrogated By The Secret Service For A Full Hour

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