The Secret Group Where People Recover From The Trauma Of Working For Harvey Weinstein

It’s no secret that Harvey Weinstein was not a great boss. Even if his employees managed to escape from their tenure without receiving a personal invite to Weinstein’s hotel room, it would seem that almost none of them were left without just a little bit of special Weinstein brand post-traumatic stress.

Luckily, there is a recovery group for that. Vulture tells the story of a group called Mir-Anon, the place former Weinstein employees go to “recover” from working in such a toxic environment. Several interviewees, almost all of whom requested anonymity, described a workplace that was entirely subject to Weinstein’s adult temper tantrums and total inability to process literally anything without appearing to lose control of himself.

Vulture reports:

“Six former Miramax and TWC executives who have participated in Mir-Anon gatherings talked about the experience to Vulture, describing themselves as closely bonded by a shared “trench warfare” experience. That is, the experience of working at a mini-major studio where daily humiliation, screaming tantrums, and relentless pressure from the Weinstein brothers could be counterbalanced by the glamour and prestige of the Oscar benediction the brothers courted so assiduously.”

Most ex-employees interviewed said that there wasn’t much discussion regarding Weinstein’s history of sexual assault and harassment — instead, most stories seem to revolve around Weinstein throwing various objects at employees. The former employees really painted a vivid portrait of a man who loved throwing things at people.

The group has evolved into a Facebook group with over 400 members that goes by the name the Miramax Alumni Association.

So the next time your boss emails you a passive-aggressive admonishment that sends a shiver down your spine, thank your lucky stars you’re not in therapy for work-induced depression.

Becky Scott is the editor of The Schmooze. Follow her on Twitter, @arr_scott

The Group Where People Recover From Working At Miramax

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The Secret Group Where People Recover From The Trauma Of Working For Harvey Weinstein

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