Feminist Icon Pink Is Raising Her Children Without Gender Labels

The celebrated singer-songwriter Pink may be named after a traditionally feminine color, but she won’t be raising her children with gender labels.

In an interview about her success and raising children in the Trump era, the performer explained that she and racer Cary Hart run a “very label-less household”. The couple believes in sending their children, Willow and Jameson, to schools with gender neutral bathrooms and encourages her daughter who has mentioned that she may want to marry a woman.

But even the offspring of our wokest celebrities aren’t immune to sexist socialization. Last summer at the VMAs, Pink revealed that her older child, six year-old Willow, told her one day, “Mama, I am the ugliest girl I know.” Pink responded by creating a slideshow of performers including Freddie Mercury, Prince, and Annie Lennox, who she says “lived their truth” without regard for convention. Pink told her daughter that she doesn’t change her looks so other people will accept her.

Instead, she said, “We help other people to change so that they can see more kinds of beauty.”

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Feminist Pink is raising her daughter gender neutral

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Feminist Icon Pink Is Raising Her Children Without Gender Labels

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