Dr. Ruth Tweets About Sex, Matzo — And The Holocaust

It’s only the fourth day of 2018, but facts are facts: Ruth Westheimer’s Twitter is the best thing on the internet this year. Westheimer’s feed is a strong combination of sex advice, thoughts on self-driving cars and withering takedowns of Barbra Streisand’s visit to the Holocaust museum.

If you don’t have a little bit of the 89-year-old sex positivity icon in your life, you’re not living.

Here are just a few of her hottest takes:

Dr. Ruth on how a woman’s vagina is NOT a black hole

Dr. Ruth on the ceaseless march of progress

Dr. Ruth doesn’t just give stellar sex advice, she tries to help improve every aspect of our sorry lives

Dr. Ruth on the value of democracy

Dr. Ruth reflecting on the cruel nature of life in the world

Dr. Ruth casually living the American Jewish dream like it’s no big deal

I don’t know how anyone can go on when Westheimer just casually destroyed Barbra Streisand’s reflections on the Holocaust in one tweet, but I know there will be a Broadway musical written about this moment

And finally, Dr. Ruth, in the prime of her life, dancing in Israel

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This story "Dr. Ruth Tweets About Sex, Matzo — And The Holocaust" was written by Jenny Singer.

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Dr. Ruth Tweets About Sex, Matzo — And The Holocaust

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