This Magical Shirt Is Wine-Stain-Free — And Perfect For Passover

The Passover seder is not kid-friendly.

Sure, it’s all about telling the next generation about the miracle of Egypt, and your cute three-year-old nephew sings a halting, off-key “Mah Nishtanah” while being helped by his parents. Maybe you even bring props and toys to make the seder more “fun” for fidgety little ones.

But let’s face it: The Seder, especially if you read the entire Haggadah, is loooooong. ‘Shulchan Orech’ is never earlier than 9 p.m., which is way past bedtime for the average child. And for children, whose fine motor skills are still developing, consuming 4 cups of grape juice is a recipe for disaster. Add in the lean-to-the-left requirement and little Benny’s tendency to grab objects filled with liquid and you’re left with little Benny screaming in the corner with his fancy Passover shirt soaked and stained with a viscous purple liquid, while his parents stress over both little Benny’s tantrum and the steep dry cleaning bill that they will now need to pay (because of course they splurged on the one shirt that needed to be dry cleaned).

But what if you could clothe children in their Passover best without the perpetual fear of stains?

Enter A.I.Stone, a Jewish company that makes shirts that are literally stain-free. In a video promoting their “Clean” shirt, they had kids throw colored liquids at each other and at themselves in the most epic “drink fight” that has ever existed — because the shirts magically remained pristine and blindingly white. You can purchase the shirt on their website (which is now on sale for $33) and watch the video in all it’s non-staining gloriousness:

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This story "This Wine-Stain-Free Shirt Is Perfect For Passover" was written by Michelle Honig.

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This Magical Shirt Is Wine-Stain-Free — And Perfect For Passover

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