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Lea Michele’s Favorite Beauty Product is Four Dollars

Why eat your veggies if you can wear them instead?

We live in a slightly disturbing age in which carbs are scorned and spinach is hailed as a deity. Prioritizing health and wellness is violently trendy these days, especially among millennials, to the point that it has become commonplace to slather one’s face in a mixture concocted of elements that are typically found in a salad.

And while we swear by a regular diet of baked goods, it is unsurprising that former “Glee” songstress, Lea Michele, has hopped on the trend of creating a healthy lifestyle literally inside and out.

Byrdie caught an Insta story in which Michele extolled the Pacifica Super Green Detox Mask, which takes the words “Go Green” to the next level. Haven’t you heard, setting aside twenty minutes every day to allow goo to settle into your pores is all the rage these days? Michele’s sheet mask of choice is filled with pure ingredients, such as kale, green tea, charcoal, sea kelp and cilantro. I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of tempted to blend this concoction up into a green juice right now.

For some odd reason, I’m under the impression that smothering my face in greens will counteract the effects of binging on my roommate’s leftover fried chicken last night. Hey, the Pacifica Super Green Detox Mask is vegan, full of Vitamin C and known for its detoxifying properties (hence the product name, “Super Green Detox”) so it must count for something. Lea Michele’s skin has this ethereal, dewy glow to it. Surely the Super Green Detox has played a role in her enviable complexion.

PS - Lea Michele’s engagement ring may be the size of the sun, but her mask will only run you a cool four bucks.

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Lea Michele’s Favorite Beauty Product is Four Dollars

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