Kanye West Apologizes For Texting During The Cher Show by the Forward

Kanye West Apologizes For Texting During The Cher Show

Do you believe in theater etiquette after portable cellphone technology? I feel something inside me sayin’, I really don’t think we’re strong enough.

Join us in some profound second-night of Hanukkah silliness: music mogul Kanye West and mogul-mogul Kim Kardashian attended “The Cher Show,” a new Broadway production focused on the life of singer Cher, on Monday night. West, who apparently pulled out his cell-phone during the first act, was spotted from the stage by Jewish actor Jarrod Spector, who tweeted this:

Spector’s words echo those famously shouted by Patti Lupone from the stage when she saw a cell-phone user in her audience. Many members of the Broadway community echoed his sentiment and praised him for speaking out, though non-actors pointed out that as Spector himself was in the midst of performance when the tweet went out, its content was somewhat diluted (Spector portrays Sonny Bono.)

Yet West, who has not been one for contrition of late, issued a rather stunning apology.

Though it does not quite explain the use of his cell phone, it does contain a gracious request for forgiveness, a compliment, and the wild explanation that West and his spouse were so transported by the power of Cher’s music in performance that they were incapable of controlling their behavior.

Not a bad review.

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Kanye Apologizes, Was Overcome By Power of Cher

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Kanye West Apologizes For Texting During The Cher Show

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