Bernie Sanders announced his campaign for 2020 by the Forward

Bernie Sanders Is Running For President, And Twitter Is Exploding.

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The difference between Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign and his 2020 campaign?

“This time, we’re gonna win,” he told CBS on Tuesday morning, shortly after announcing his bid for candidacy.

What won’t be any different?

The onslaught of online takes about Sanders, particularly on Twitter.

Seeking the 2016 Democratic nomination, Sanders was defeated by Hillary Clinton by a significant margin, but the lasting success of his grassroots campaign that pushed aggressively for Medicare For All, tuition-free college, and a universal minimum wage — now most 2020 Democratic candidates are campaigning on similar promises.

If Sanders wins the presidency, he will be the oldest person ever to be inaugurated president, surpassing the current holder of that distinction, Donald Trump, by nine years. He will also be the first Jewish person to be president. And he will certainly be the first president whose celebrity doppelgänger is Larry David.

Let’s see what the internet has to say about all this. We’ve rounded up the best tweets about Bernie Sanders’ latest presidential run, skimming Jewish takes, thoughtful criticism, and fandom off a pile of bonkers partisanship.

Special consideration was given to tweets that made excellent use of GIFs.

Impressive early donor stats:


Bernie, the polarizer:

Tweets that refer to Sanders as “Bernard:”

Hot Bernadette Peters takes:

Strong GIF-usage:

Double standard tweets:

Tweets that involved the parents:

Cosplay tweets:

A meta-tweet about articles like this one:

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The Best Bernie 2020 Tweets

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Bernie Sanders Is Running For President, And Twitter Is Exploding.

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