Ab Cahan

My Beloved America, I Don't Recognize You!

Our country has taken up arms. Bloody questions marks hover above us. What are we fighting for? Why aren’t we heeding our holy credo to stop the bloodshed?

It’s War: Front page of the Forverts in April 1917 reads “War” in Yiddish.

A Terrible Blood Bath

Forward editor Ab Cahan wrote: The great powers began a terrible blood bath. The war will be the most terrible, the worst in human history.

Eretz Israel: Lord Balfour (above), along with his famous letter to Baron Rothschild.

Zionism’s Victory and the Socialist Enlightenment of the Masses

If such news — that the land of Israel is going to be given to the Jews, had come 50 years ago, it would have made a totally different impression on the Jewish masses than it is making today.

This Is Not a War, But a Series of Pogroms

I’ve just returned to Berlin from a journey to Lodz and several other cities in Poland that are currently in German hands.

Telling Story of Leo Frank From His Jail Cell

The Leo Frank case stoked a fiery public debate about race, class and anti-Semitism. The Forward’s editor, Ab Cahan, traveled to Atlanta to carry out a jailhouse interview.

Should Children Play Baseball?

“It is said the one should teach their child how to play chess or checkers or goat & wolf [tsig un volf] or at least a game that sharpens the mind. That would be appreciated,” writes the father in his letter. “But what value does a game like baseball have? Nothing more than becoming crippled comes out of it.”