Abra Cohen

Inside the Trunk: Haig Kaplan sent a photo of himself (left) to Ophra Karin, whose picture appears on a British identification form along with her pre-Hebraicized married name, Krinsky.

Lost Lovers Reconnect 70 Years Later After Letters Found on Tel Aviv Street

When Yosef Halper discovered a suitcase full of love letters on a Tel Aviv street, he knew he had to reunite the writers. But after 70 years, how could he find them?

Kosher Traveler: Inside the West Bank

The West Bank is known for political headlines, not gastronomic ones. But hidden beneath political agendas, are a small group of artisans turning out various boutique edibles.

Natalie Dadon with the first Israeli Playboy cover.

How Playboy Came to Israel

Playboy has arrived in the Holy Land. The man behind the new Israeli edition chats about Hugh Hefner, pin-up girl Natalie Dadon and how to say ‘bunny’ in Hebrew.

When Bob Marley's Drowned Out by Sirens

There was a calm in my corner of Tel Aviv, where the sound of Bob Marley usually competes with chopping vegetables. Until the rocket sirens started blaring.

Hummus with fava beans at Hummus Said in nearby Akko is not to be missed.

Images of Occupation at Sundance

‘5 Broken Cameras’ tells the story of Palestinian life under occupation, mostly through the lens of a family’s everyday life. It brought a Sundance audience to its feet.

A typical casado with rice, beans, fried plantains, salad and fish