Brent E. Sasley

Pollard Chatter Means Peace Talks Are Serious

Chatter about releasing spy Jonathan Pollard is not a sign of the impending breakdown of the Mideast peace talks. Rather it’s a sign they’re getting serious, writes Brent Sasley.

3 Dangerous Bills That Will Rock Israel This Week

The Knesset is voting on three controversial bills this week. Brent Sasley explains why all of them are likely to transform Israel — for the worse.

Israeli 'Semi-Citizenship'? No Thanks!

Naftali Bennett’s idea of granting Israeli ‘semi-citizenship’ to Diaspora Jews strikes some as a friendly overture. But it’s a terrible idea for everyone concerned, writes Brent Sasley.

AIPAC Lost Iran Sanctions Battle — Not War

Talk of AIPAC’s failure in lobbying for a new Iran sanctions bill is misleading, writes Brent Sasley. The defeat has more to do with presidential decision-making and the emergence of J Street.

Israel's Got No Business Banning Nazi Symbols

The new Israeli bill that would ban Nazi symbols may have worthy motives underlying it. But it’s still dangerous and anti-democratic.

Hillel’s Battle Over the Meaning of ‘Pro-Israel’

The continuing controversy over Hillel’s Israel guidelines is really a battle over how to define what ‘pro-Israel’ means — something Hillel leaves totally unclear.

Gilad Shalit Release Welcome, But at What Cost?

Israelis will surely cheer the release of captured soldier Gilad Shalit after five years in captivity. But does the planned massive prisoner swap serve the national interest?