Cary Spivak

Unlikely Sukkah Fight Pits Milwaukee High School Students Against Jewish Parents

Suburban Milwaukee public school students received an unexpected lesson in civics when they sought to build a sukkah — and Jewish parents stood up to object.

Benched: Ryan Braun can?t play baseball again until spring, after being suspended for using performance-enhancing drugs.

Can Ryan Braun Repent Enough To Win Back Jewish Fans?

Ryan Braun faces the challenge of winning back fans when he returns to baseball. If any group can forgive the Hebrew Hammer, it’s Milwaukee’s Jews.

Shabbat in the Capitol: Jews protesting on behalf of public sector workers in Madison, Wis., gather for evening services Friday, February 25. Playing guitar and leading them in song is Aviv Kammay, center.

In Madison, Only Some Jewish Voices Are Heard

At Wisconsin’s Capitol building, in Madison, rabbis and other members of the state’s Jewish community have been a visible presence as protests have swelled in support of state and local public worker unions. But the community’s biggest and most politically influential bodies — its two federations and affiliated community relations councils — have been conspicuously silent.