Daniel Jonah Goldhagen

Anger Spreads: The maker of a crude anti-Islam film correctly judged that claiming it was made by Jews would spark an explosion of outrage.

Fueling Rage Over Anti-Islam Film

Jews played no role in creating the anti-Islamic video that has sparked worldwide violence and anger. That hasn’t stopped demonstrators from blaming the Jews.

Don't Be Fooled by Egypt Happy Talk

Egypt’s new president and his Muslim Brotherhood are fundamentally anti-Semitic, Daniel Jonah Goldhagen writes. They could pose a key threat to Israel.

The Lessons of Jewish Pluralism

Even with a plethora of Jewish identities, Jews have long been pluralistic. It’s important to correct the impression that we are intolerant, Daniel Jonah Goldhagen writes.

The Other Denied Genocides

Holocause denial is neither the only one nor the oldest form of genocide denial. Turkey, Guatemala and others try to look the other way from humanity’s worst crimes.

Arabs Should Take Cue From Israel

Muslim countries emerging from the Arab Spring revolts are casting about for a democratic model. They need look no further than Israel, writes Daniel Jonah Goldhagen.

In Sudan, Say 'Never Again,' And Mean It

Jews should condemn Sudan’s murderous policies in Darfur and South Sudan, and make “Never again!” a meaningful phrase, genocide scholar Daniel Jonah Goldhagen writes.

Mel Gibson’s Cross of Vengeance

I have often thought but kept to myself what a gruesome thing they are, traditional crucifixes, each one with the likeness of a mangled, agonized body affixed cruelly to it. I sometimes wondered, even as a child, what kind of a religion would want children to look at an image of a suffering, dying or dead man, with nails piercing his hands. What

The Globalization of Antisemitism

Antisemitism is evolving. After a period of remission owing to the horror of the Holocaust, the ancient prejudice has recently been reactivated, catalyzed by the Arab-Israeli conflict. It has entered a new era in which its main focus has shifted from the domestic to the international. Always protean in quality, always changing to take on the idiom