Donald Snyder

A Muslim Champion in the Fight Against Anti-Semitism

Siavosh Derakhti, a 23-year-old Swedish Muslim, may seem an unlikely champion in the fight against anti-Semitism. But he’s proven himself a tireless defender of the persecuted.

Meet the Long-Lost Jews of Jedwabne

In 1941, the Polish villagers of Jedwabne engaged in an orgy of killing aimed at their Jewish neighbors. Anna Bikont tells this story in her book, ‘The Crime and the Silence.’

The Summer Polish Jews Were Hunted

In the cities and pine-covered forests of Poland, a murderous hunt took place in the summer of 1942. The Germans called it the Judenjagd — the hunt for the Jews.

Righteous Ribbon: A ribbon emblazoned with names of Polish ‘righteous gentiles’ would wrap around a church in a planned memorial in Warsaw.

Poland's Dueling Holocaust Monuments to 'Righteous Gentiles' Spark Painful Debate

In Warsaw, monuments are being planned to honor Poles who sought to save Jews from the Holocaust. But some fear they will distort the role of the ‘righteous gentiles.’

Lack of Discrimination: Linguistics professor Monika Schwarz-Friesel says there is little difference between the semantics of ?highly educated anti-Semites and vulgar extremists.?

German Hate Mail Comes From Surprisingly Well Educated Sources

The Council of Jews in Germany receives a river of hate mail. Disturbingly, 60% of the letters come from well-educated Germans, including university professors.

Old Guard, New Wave: Russian Jewish veterans of the Red Army, now living in Berlin, celebrate the Soviet Union?s World War II victory over Germany on ?Liberation Day,? May 10.

Germany's Largest Jewish Organization Is at the ‘Edge of Chaos’

Berlin’s main Jewish organization is nearly dysfunctional amid leadership feuds and an influx of Israelis and Russians. Will it cripple the influence of Germany’s largest community?

All?s Not Well: Berlin?s Jewish community is thriving and it?s more diverse and accepted than ever. So why is the main community group imploding amid power struggles and fiscal strife?

Berlin's Jews Feud Amid Financial Chaos and Internal Strife

Germany’s largest Jewish community is thriving. So why is its main representative group imploding amid financial chaos and fistfights between rival factions?

Teach the Holocaust Separately, Germans Told

A government report in Germany says studying the Holocaust has failed to curb anti-Semitism. It calls for the two issues to be separated in the classroom.

?Wir Sind Beschnitten?: T-shirts at the September 9 Berlin rally featured pictures of famous Jews, including Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, Karl Marx, Leonard Nimoy and Woody Allen with a note proclaiming ?We are circumcised ? and that?s absolutely fine.?

Germany Debates Proposal To Protect Circumcision

A proposal to guarantee the Jewish and Muslim practice of circumcision in Germany faces an uncertain fate in the Bundestag.

Jews Stream Back to Germany

Decades after the Holocaust, thousands of Israelis, Jews from the former Soviet Union and even many Americans are actively choosing German citizenship.