Emily Shire

The Male-Led Campaign To End Female Stereotyping in Hollywood

Robert Shepyer is working on a new satirical film, ‘Not Another Pretty Face,’ about a woman who accidentally lands her ideal role in Hollywood — one written for a man.

Could a Facebook Group Provide a New Model for Jewish Education?

With JEDLAB, a Facebook group aimed at Jewish educators and parents, Ken Gordon and Yechiel Hoffman want to take back Jewish educational reform from ‘crappy conferences.’

'Princeton Mom' Is No 'Jewish Mom'

Susan Patton, the so-called ‘Princeton mom,’ is classified as a stereotypical Jewish mother. But a real Jewish mom would make sons as well as daughters feel guilty about marriage.

Goodbye JAPs, Hello 'Betches'

Betches Love This is a site dedicated to young women who are proudly addicted to designer handbags, calorie-free beverages and credit cards. Guess why it irks me so much.

Second Time Around: Judy Acs Seidman Zucker and Alan Zucker dated outside the faith after their first marriages ended, then found each other on JDate.

Baby Boomers’ Rocky Road to Jewish Love

As Jewish baby boomers reenter the dating scene, they encounter an unfamiliar landscape of online dating and sext-ing — yet they still seek long-term companions.

Nailing the 'Hebrew Hammer'

An internet age Don Juan tells of bedding a string of non-Jewish women he met on dating sites. Seems like a snobby ice queen Jewesses just wouldn’t put out fast enough for his taste.

Dreamboat: James Deen has a following among teenage girls, called ?Deenagers.?

The Jewish Porn Star Next Door

James Deen talks about getting suspended from day school and which Jewish figure he’d like to play in a porno flick. Plus, he spills the beans on the sexy side of summer camp.

In 21st-century dating, is romance dead?