Erika Davis

Maya Angelou, My Sister and Me

Maya Angelou’s passing is a moment for Erika Davis to reflect on the loss of another poet in her life — her sister.

Erika Davis and friends at the Interfaith Breakfast at Congregation Beth Elohim in Brooklyn.

Mourning Trayvon Martin on Tisha B'Av

For Erika Davis, the shocking verdict in the Trayvon Martin killing has given new meaning to Tisha B’Av. She will mourn for one family’s loss — and a society that is still gripped by racism.

In gluten free baking, it?s all about the flour substitutes!

Jewish Adventures in Gluten Free Baking

When two Jewish gluten free cookbooks arrived on Erika Davis’s desk she was thrilled. But sadly neither helped her reach the Holy Grail — the perfect GF challah.

Dressing Modestly — and My Black Jewish Hair

For Erika Davis, moving within the different branches of Judaism is like wrapping herself in traditions. That is interesting when contemplating how, when and why she wraps her hair.

Remembering Dr. King

On the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, a look back at his partnership with Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel.

Passover, Easter and the Jehovah’s Witness at My Door

On Easter and on Passover, we should build bridges to other faiths, not walls between them. Erika Davis learned this lesson in an unlikely way — from a Jehovah’s Witness at her door.

Girl Be Heard performs at an AJWS event.

Yeshiva Rabbi and the Jewish N-Word

When a Yeshiva rabbi uses the word ‘shvartze’ to warn about sending another Jew to share a jail cell with a black man, it’s pretty obvious what he means. He’s using the N-word.