Gordon Haber

How to Send Your Jewish Kid to College — Without Stressing Out

Sending a kid off to college is never easy. But are these are particularly trying times? Gordon Haber spoke to Jewish parents with college-age children to get some insight into their concerns.

The Sand Man: Shlomo Sand rejects the Jewish religion for its “genocidal Yahwestic tradition.”

'How I Stopped' Reading Shlomo Sand's Crackpot Memoirs

Shlomo Sand attacked the Israeli national myth of Jewish identity in his first bestseller. Now, in an odd new book filled with conspiracy theories, he takes scattershot aim at Judaism itself.

Funny, You Don’t Look Pewish: Short plays by ten Jewish playwrights were presented at a staged reading at the Judson Memorial Church in New York.

Israel and Circumcision Top List of Concerns in New 'Pewish' Plays

The Pew Survey of American Jewry has inspired conversation, argument, and now actual drama. ‘Pewish,’ a night of new Jewish plays, shows how influential the survey continues to be.

The Way Things Were (and Are): In Michael Harrington?s day, the official poverty rate was 19%. In September of this year, it was 15%.

How the Other Half of America Still Lives

Michael Harrington’s ‘The Other America,’ changed what we know about poverty. Sasha Abramsky finds things haven’t changed much in the 50 years since.

Jewish Exploitation of the Educated Underclass

American academia has created, and Jewish institutions perpetuate, an educated underclass whose problems — underemployment, poverty, access to health care — echo the larger American underclass.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Derivatives But Were Afraid To Ask

From call options to put options, forwards to futures, we break derivatives down and answer all the questions you were afraid to ask.

OMG, CME: Leo Melamed (second left) rings the bell to start trading on the CME, by some measures the largest futures exchange in the world.

The Jewish History of Futures (and Options)

From the Torah to the 2008 crash, Jews have been influential in derivatives. We would be wise to take our forefathers’ advice: diversify, diversify, diversify.

Jews of the Wild Frontier: The belongings of the successful Newmark family, seen here in 1854, are being displayed at the Autry National Museum?s exhibition ?Jews in the Los Angeles Mosaic.?

All Jewish on the Western Front

The history of American Jews is heavily weighted toward the East Coast. A new exhibit at the Autry National Center helps tilt the balance to the other side of the continental divide.

In Class: American educators learn with, and from, their Israeli counterparts.

Bringing Israeli Education Home

FALL EDUCATION: Americans have long gone to Israel to learn more about Judaism. But now many are going to learn about learning.

Broiling Mojave Spawns 'Angry Buddhist'

Novelist Seth Greenland takes readers on a heat-blasted sojourn into the Mojave Desert, an unforgiving place where only the heartless recover from their own mistakes.