Jonathan D. Sarna

On Cemetery Ridge: This cannon rests at Gettysburg National Military Park, where the battle that raged from July 1-3, 1863, was the bloodiest of the Civil War, turning the tide of victory from South to North.

At Battle of Gettysburg, Jewish Heroes Fought for Both North and South

American Jews were heroes at the Battle of Gettysburg — on both the Union and Confederate sides. Why has their valor been forgotten in the century and a half since?

Constitutional Dilemma on Birth Control

Yeshiva’s Meir Soloveichik says religious freedom should allow groups to opt out of offering birth control coverage. But employees have rights too, writes Jonathan D. Sarna.

Man, Oh, Manischewitz

The Moroccan-born executives of an iconic brand that once symbolized the emergence of Eastern-European Jews in America represent a new wave of Mizrahi Jews.

When Our House Was Divided: The Battle of Gettysburg, depicted above, was a key moment in the Civil War.

What the Civil War Meant for American Jews

The 150th anniversary of the Civil War is upon us. April 12 is the anniversary of the firing on Fort Sumter, the war’s opening shot. From then, through the sesquicentennial anniversary on April 9, 2015 of Robert E. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Court House and five days later of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, every major event in the “ordeal of the union” seems likely to be recounted, re-enacted, reanalyzed and, likely as not, verbally re-fought.

Returning to Moscow, Where Jews Are Building, Not Fleeing

I last visited Russia in 1986. I came then, along with the late Judaic studies scholar Benny Kraut, to meet with refuseniks, the courageous Jews who demanded the right to emigrate to Israel. Our activities were covert, and during the course of a single week Benny and I experienced the fear that constantly accompanied the Soviet Union’s Jews at that time. Our hotel room was bugged and, on one occasion, we were hidden in a closet while the KGB interrogated our hosts.

The Divine Miss M: Bette Midler serenades the crowds at the museum gala November 13.

New Museum on Independence Mall Is a Sign That Jews Have Arrived

The first time I traveled to the National Museum of American Jewish History, I got lost.

When Shuls Were Banned in America

When New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg stood on Governors Island, in sight of the Statue of Liberty, and forcefully defended the right of Muslims to build a community center and mosque two blocks from Ground Zero, he expressly made a point of distancing himself from an earlier leader of the city: Peter Stuyvesant, who understood the relationship between religion and state altogether differently than Bloomberg does.