Keith Kahn-Harris

Conflict: Division over the war ripped American Jews apart.

Do British Jews Have Better Approach to Strife Over Israel?

Both American and British Jews have experienced strife over the war in Gaza. Keith Kahn-Harris thinks Americans can learn from Brits how to handle it better.

Youthful Jewry: The Under-30 organizers of this year?s Limmud UK.

Failing To Capture the Vibrancy of British Jewish Life

The new survey of British Jewry shows polarization and decline. But Keith Kahn-Harris says it misses one very important factor: the increasing vitality of Jewish life in the UK.

New Chief: Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis Is the new chief rabbi of the United Kingdom. But is he really needed?

Institution of Chief Rabbi Has Outlived Its Usefulness

British Jews have just selected a new chief rabbi. Keith Kahn-Harris argues that the post is no longer needed — and explains why it doesn’t exist on this side of the pond.

‘Perfidious Albion’

A monumental study of English antisemitism proves an astonishing and controversial achievement.

Abrahamic Karma: Can three fractious religions descended from the same patriarch be joined in harmony by Israeli metal music?

‘A Tango Between God and Satan’

The odd Eurovision Song Contest win aside, the post-1948 Israeli popular music scene was an insular one for decades, appealing little to Diaspora Jews, let alone the wider world. Yet once the irresistible tide of globalized mass media struck Israel in the 1980s and ’90s, Israeli music became enriched by a host of local subcultures that drew on, and contributed to, global music scenes. Today, Israel rap and trance are recognized worldwide as unique and fascinating versions of global styles.

The Fascination of Israel

A common theme in pro-Israel discourse is that critics of Israel are “obsessed” with the Jewish state. There’s certainly something to this argument: Israel seems to occupy a place in the pantheon of leftist bugbears out of all proportion to the size of the country and the (undoubted) wrongs it has committed. But obsession with Israel is not confined to the left; its defenders are equally convinced of its importance as a touchstone of moral and political rectitude. It isn’t just Israelis and Palestinians who have a stake in the conflict but, seemingly, everyone else, as well. Amid the cacophony of opinions, there are no disinterested “honest brokers” anymore.