Lara Friedman

11 Lies Netanyahu Told Congress on Iran

Benjamin Netanyahu’s case against an Iran deal revolves around 11 core arguments. And Lara Friedman’s got a rebuttal for each and every one.

Stop Babying Israel at the U.N. Security Council

Some say the U.N.’s Palestinian vote should be delayed, because pressuring Israel before an election will only help right-wingers. Lara Friedman says it’s just the opposite.

The Terror Rocking Jerusalem Is Not About God

Many claim that since Jerusalem’s latest terror attack targeted a synagogue, the crisis is turning into a religious war. Lara Friedman says that framing is dangerous — and dead wrong.

Did Hamas Get Bibi to Freeze Settlements?

By fighting back in Gaza, Hamas succeeded where the Palestinian Authority failed: It got Israel to curtail settlement building. That could send a dangerous message, Lara Friedman writes.

A Blood Libel Against All Palestinians

Israel concocted ‘honor killing’ and ‘family feud’ theories about revenge attack victim Mohammed Abu Khdeir. The slurs constitute a deliberate blood libel, Lara Friedman argues.

The Provocative IDF Soldiers You Really Need To See

Israeli female soldiers’ half-naked photos and videos went viral. But more revealing videos by IDF women soldiers get beyond skin, to the bare truth of the occupation.

A Balance of Interests

Some fundamental truths about peacemaking: You make peace with your enemies, not your friends; you make peace not to be nice, but because it is in your self-interest; real peace must reflect a balance of interests.

Jerusalem Isn't Just for Arabs, Either

Israeli peace activists push back against Jewish claims to all of Jerusalem. Lara Friedman was disturbed to hear Arab League leaders assert Jews have no claim on the city.

One Solution: Two States

The steady march of settlements, the rightward shift in Israeli politics, the growing sense that a conflict-ending peace agreement is impossible — all these things are feeding some pundits’ impulse to declare the death of the two-state solution as a means of ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.