Larry Derfner

Adrift: Jeremy Ben-Ami, J Street’s leader, now needs to find a new raison d’etre for the group.

J Street Loses Its Focus With Peace Process Dead

J Street has lost its purpose now that the peace process is dead. Instead of fighting Israel’s occupation, it battles the only tactic that could end the injustice, writes Larry Derfner.

John Kerry 'Deal' Looks Rigged Against Palestinians

John Kerry is poised to present a ‘framework agreement’ that Israelis would be crazy to reject and Palestinians crazy to accept. What will J Street say to that?

Jews were outraged when Jesse Jackson referred to New York as ?Hymietown.? Where?s the anger over Israeli public figures? rampant racism?

Israel's Everyday Racism — and How American Jews Turn a Blind Eye to It

Israeli leaders almost never suffer any consequences for making outrageous racist remarks. Why not apply the same standards that we did to Jesse Jackson and ‘Hymie-town’?

Everyday 'Apartheid' and the Liberal Dream

Anti-Arab discrimination has been exposed at Israeli amusement parks, banks and pools. What does these shameful facts say about the hopes for a decent future for all?

City of Centrists: Modi?in, a monotonous bedroom community halfway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, gave Yair Lapid 27 percent of its vote.

Who Are the Israeli Centrists and Why Did They Vote for Yair Lapid?

The plain vanilla Israeli bedroom community of Modi’in gave Yair Lapid’s centrist party 27 percent of its vote. Now the time has come to ask: What does it want in return?

Israel's Silent March to War With Iran

There is remarkably little public discussion in Israel about an attack on Iran. People may not talk about it much, but you can be sure they will back a war, Larry Derfner writes.

Recognition of Suffering, Far Too Late

Israel has long muted any recognition of the Armenian genocide because it could damage ties with Turkey. Now it is making a hypocritical U-turn, writes Larry Derfner.

Israeli Democracy Questions War on Iran

A funny thing happened on the march to war with Iran. Israel’s democracy woke up and asked if it is really worth the cost. That’s called sanity, Larry Derfner argues.

Congress Shows Lack of Leverage With Threat To Cut Off Aid

Congress acted tough by threatening to withhold aid from the Palestinians. It actually showed how little leverage the U.S. has. That might not be a bad thing, Larry Derfner writes.

Netanyahu Left Palestinians With No Choice But the U.N.

Fault for the Palestinian statehood bid lies entirely with Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli majority that supports him, Larry Derfner writes.