Lea Zeltserman

Heroes: While the big names of Soviet Jewry are commemorated, the experience of regular Russian Jews is lost.

Why Russian Jews Don't Want to Hear About Being Saved

The history of the Soviet Jewry movement is moving for American Jews as a catalyzing force for the community. Lea Zeltserman explains why it leaves Russian Jews cold.

ONE MAN'S CAUSE: Leonid Shenkerin, shown here with his grandchildren in his Toronto apartment, is trying to keep alive stories long buried under antisemitism and propaganda.

A Desperate Campaign To Remember Soviet Jewish War Heroes Races Against Time

Leonid Shenker likes to greet visitors to his apartment here dressed in his Soviet military ensemble, the jacket heavy with medals and stripes. At 88, the former Soviet veteran needs a walker to move across the apartment, which he doesn’t leave unless accompanied by his daughter. But his voice is clear and proud as he looks around and says, “Welcome to my museum.”