Mark I. Pinsky

Our Cause Is Just: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. addresses rally in Selma, Alabama after famed 1965 civil rights march.

Why Were 'Selma' Jews Who Fought for Civil Rights Ostracized?

‘Selma’ depicts the time-honored heroism of the civil rights struggle. Why has the story of those Alabama Jews who were shunned for standing up for justice never been told?

For 25 Years, 'The Simpsons' Has Been Good for the Jews

‘The Simpsons’ 25th anniversary marathon includes a surprising insight: The award-winning cartoon is one of the Jews’ best friends.

Is 'Family Guy' Anti-Semitic?

A segment from Sunday night’s episode of ‘Family Guy’ illustrated once again creator Seth MacFarlane’s unapologetic anti-Semitism.

Worship: Neve Shalom is one of the rare synagogues in Turkey still in regular use.

Touring Turkey's Synagogues

Once there were hundreds of vibrant congregations in Turkey. Today, many of the synagogues are empty, accessible only by appointment with a caretaker.

Relaxed Race: Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida enjoys a laugh in the closing stages of a landslide comeback to Congress. He won by cultivating massive support from Puerto Rican voters in the Orlando area.

Mr. Grayson Salsas Back to Washington

Alan Grayson, an outspoken Jewish Democrat from Florida, is returning to Congress in triumph. He scored a landslide bolstered by support of a growing bloc of Puerto Rican voters.

Challenger: Daniel Webster, a supporter of the Christian right and of Israel, is running against Grayson for his Florida seat.

Grayson Defying Convention in Fla.

One of the highest-profile congressional contests this year is a stark faceoff: a left-wing Jew versus a right-wing Christian.