Menachem Wecker

Barbara Wolff, “Against All the Gods of Egypt I Will Execute Judgement.” Rose Haggadah/Morgan Library & Museum.

The Haggadah Illuminations of Barbara Wolff

The contemporary illuminations of Barbara Wolff, including the Rose Haggadah on exhibit at the Morgan Library & Museum in New York, draw on botany, history, and archeology of the ancient Near East.

Portrait of the Artist: Man Ray in Hollywood, circa 1948.

How Man Ray Drew on Math, Shakespeare — and Shoah

Man Ray is best known for his abstract art. But a new show reveals how the surrealist’s works were also influenced by mathematics — and some refer to the horrors of the Holocaust.

A Spice Box Fit for a Pope

A Havdalah spice box recently acquired by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts was created by was created by Giovacchino Belli, a Roman silversmith who worked for Pope Pius VII.

Big Deal: The Dallas Museum of Biblical Art boasts 30,000 square feet of exhibition space.

A Museum as Big as Texas

The Dallas Museum of Biblical Art has massive ambitions befitting its roots in Texas — but should it leave prayer to churches?

No Place Like Dome: The excavation of the Samarra Palace of the Caliph.

An Eccentric Archeologist Who Drew a Line in the Sand

Ernst Herzfeld is not a household name — but his early 20th century excavations in Samarra and Persepolis are world famous. A new exhibit sheds light on the eccentric character.

Dead Sea Scroll Linen III

Retracing Ancient Jewish Threads

Gail Rothschild uses cloth from the Qumran Caves to explore her Jewish identity in a new exhibit, ‘Portraits of Ancient Linen.’

Picturing Mary, History's Best-Known Jewish Woman

The Virgin Mary is the most famous woman in the Christian faith. But a new exhibit explains why the mother of Jesus can only be understood as a Jewish woman.

‘Homely’ Ancient Rock Boost King David’s Claim to Existence

What’s significant about this stone on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is an inscription, which is the earliest extra-biblical reference to King David.

Remembering a 20-Year Protest for Soviet Jewry

Long before Occupy Wall Street, protests were held for 20 years in front of the Soviet embassy in Washington, D.C., to raise awareness about the plight of Soviet Jews.

The Honorable Emanuel Celler, chairman, Judiciary Committee U.S. House of Representatives. From the Emanuel Celler Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress.

Jews of the Civil Rights Movement

A new exhibit at the Library of Congress doesn’t single out the contributions of Jews to the Civil Rights Movement, but there are plenty that are included nonetheless.