Nancy Kalikow Maxwell

Naomi Wilzig, Founder of Erotic Art Museum, Dies at 80

Naomi Wilzig, the founder of the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami Beach, has died at 80. Let’s just say she was not your typical Jewish grandmother, as Nancy Kalikow Maxwell recounts.

In Search of My Ethel Mertz

For years, Nancy Kalikow Maxwell envied Orthodox women for their close, neighborly relationships — kind of like the one shared by Lucille Ball and Ethel Mertz.

Gesundheit: If a nun blesses you, it?s a good thing, even if you didn?t sneeze. It?s not easy to feel the same about every ?blessing.?

A (Mixed) Blessing on My Jewish Head

The nuns were always blessing Nancy Kalikow Maxwell when she worked at a Catholic college. But it took a colleague’s casual ‘have a blessed day’ to really get under her skin.

Wearing a Black Ribbon Helped One Jewish Widow Mend Her Soul

Some rabbis call it a shallow gimmick to mourn a loved one by wearing a ribbon. But a tiny swatch of fabric was a profound source of solace to one widow after her husband’s death.

House-Hunting in Florida Suburbia Turns Into Great Mezuzah Trek

Seeking a Jewish community in Florida, a retiree finds that mezuzas on the doorpost aren’t always the best way of identifying a haimish home.

A Lonely Jew at Catholic School

‘Let us pray” often opens funerals and weddings, but budget meetings? When you work at a Catholic college, you come to expect getting blessed without sneezing and praying before committee meetings.

Eager Minds: Maxwell?s students hold up their homework assignments.

A Class of Their Own

In bold letters, I write the word nakhes on the board. “How’s it pronounced again?” asks one of the five male students in the class. I say the word again, emphasizing the guttural sound in the middle of it. “Now you try it.”