Naomi Zeveloff

Naomi Zeveloff

Naomi Zeveloff is the Middle East correspondent of the Forward, primarily covering Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

Formerly the deputy culture editor of the Forward, she was awarded a 2012 Newswomen’s Club of New York prize for her coverage of the Sandy Hook shooting. Previous to the Forward, she worked as a reporter at alternative newsweeklies and political news sites in Utah, Colorado and Texas. Her writing has also appeared in Salon, The Daily Beast and Guernica.

She holds a Master of Arts degree in political journalism from Columbia University. The only Forward staffer from Utah, she is responsible for bringing Western Wear Wednesday to the office.

Follow her on Twitter @naomizeveloff

Samaritans Sacrifice Sheep in 'Hardcore' Passover Celebration

The Samaritans, who share many Jewish traditions, celebrated Passover this weekend with a sheep sacrifice atop Mount Gerizim, a West Bank hilltop outside of Nablus.

Where Do Israeli Babies Come From? Nepal. But After Quake, for How Long?

Nepal’s devastating earthquake has sent shock waves through a most unlikely group: gay Israelis who are having babies with surrogate South Asian mothers.

Devastating Nepal Earthquake Hits Israeli Backpackers and Would-Be Surrogate Parents

Israeli backpackers traded stories of narrow escapes from the massive earthquake that rocked Nepal and dozens of would-be surrogate parents held out hope they could complete adoptions of newborn babies in the Himalayan nation.

Vertical Garden: At Expo 2015 in Milan, Israel will be represented by a futuristic billboard made of wheat, rice and corn.

At World's Fair, Israel Looks Back To Its Future

A ‘living billboard’ of grains represents Israel at the soon-to-open World’s Fair in Milan. Is the throwback to its agrarian past a good way to brand the start-up nation?

Does Israel's Anti-Boycott Law Muzzle Free Speech?

A law that outlaws calls to boycott Israel — or its illegal settlements — has received a green light in court. Is the ruling a blow against free speech — or a ‘no-brainer’ protection of businesses?

Reuven Rivlin Questions Future of Israel Amid 'Horrible' Hate — on Both Sides

Newly minted President Reuven Rivlin admits to worries about Israel’s future. And he doesn’t just blame the Palestinians — he says Jewish hatred of Arabs is tearing the country apart.

How a Biblical Edict Became a Boon for Palestinian Farmers

Once every seven years, the Bible tells Israeli Jews to let their land go fallow. For Palestinian farmers, that edict has become manna from a strange heaven.

Big Fish in Small Pond: Led by Kahlon, the son of Libyan immigrants, the Kulanu party ran on a platform of economic change.

Is Moshe Kahlon and His New Party Here To Stay?

Moshe Kahlon’s Kulanu party is set to join the new Israeli government coalition. But whether the politician has sticking power remains to be seen.

The Israeli 'Olive King' Who's Also a Political Expert

Jerusalem’s legendary Mahane Yehuda market is a famous stronghold for the right wing. After Benjamin Netanyahu’s victory, no one’s voice resounded stronger than that of Yaron Tzidkiyahu, aka The Olive King.

After Vote, Spotlight Shifts to Reuven Rivlin

Now that Israelis have voted, meet President Reuven Rivlin. The man who will crown the country’s next prime minister is a lifelong Likudnik who advocates for Arab civil rights.