Neal Pollack

How To Navigate the Federal Bar Mitzvah Exchange Marketplace

Your kid’s bar or bat mitzvah is their special day. So don’t cheap out on them. Neal Pollack offers some suggestions from the newly created federal B’nai Mitzvah Exchange marketplace.

Back to Back: The stars of ‘50 Shades of Grey’ attend the film’s premiere.

'50 Shades' of Meh

‘50 Shades of Grey’ taught us that some people subject themselves to sadomasochistic rituals — like seeing the movie itself. Neal Pollack went through it, so you don’t have to.

The Neal Pollack Guide to Awards Season

Neal Pollack explains why you should — or shouldn’t — care about awards season. Hint: There is some self-hatred involved.

Swift Changes Taylor Swift did not perform at the New Republic’s centennial gala.

Welcome to The New Republic — Taylor Swift's Been Waiting For You

The recent purge at The New Republic put a rare bright spotlight on the magazine of ideas. Neal Pollack looks back at its, umm, storied history — and its future.

The Humbling of Philip Roth

Author Neal Pollack’s encounter with his lifelong rival suggests there’s more to Philip Roth’s retirement than what the author has said in the press.

Learning To Be Good From The Ethics Master

Randy Cohen, the former New York Times columnist, takes on the ‘ethics of everything’ in his new book. It’s well-argued, but leaves out the issues that folks talk about at Chick-fil-A.

Mockery: Sacha Baron Cohen attends the Paris premier of ?Bruno? in character, and lederhosen.

‘Bruno’: An Equal-Opportunity Offender

In the department of “legal actions highly unlikely to succeed,” an ex-member of the Palestinian Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade is suing Sacha Baron Cohen and Universal Pictures in U.S. Federal Court for $110 million, alleging libel and slander. Playing the flamingly gay Austrian celebra-whore title character in this summer’s movie “Bruno,” Baron Cohen mocked Ayman Abu Aita and referred to him as Al-Aqsa’s leader. Somehow, we think that Abu Aita is unlikely to find an American jury that will think this has ruined his life, as he alleges.