Olga Gershenson

An Indelible Legacy

The numbers tattooed on the skin of concentration camp victims rank among the most horrifying images of the Holocaust. ‘Numbers’ explores what they mean to survivors.

Before the Law: Ra?anan Alexandrowicz?s film shows the human agendas behind both lawmaking and filmmaking.

In the Occupied Territories, Order Trumps Law

The audience was remarkably quiet during a screening of “The Law in These Parts” at the Jerusalem Film Festival. My fellow Israelis, who usually have no qualms about exchanging opinions during a movie, or even about answering an occasional cell phone call, sat absolutely still. Even after the movie ended, there was a moment of shocked silence before the audience burst into applause and called onstage the director, Ra’anan Alexandrowicz, and the producer, Liran Atzmor. It was very clear which film would win the prize for best documentary.

A Queen Honored, a King and a Jester Premiered

Director Mark Donskoy thrived under Stalin by playing the fool, while making movies about war and the Holocaust. A new documentary reveals his personal and creative tightrope.