Pamela Cytrynbaum

Sex and the Septuagenerian: Margaret Sanger was already in her seventies when she began work on the pill.

How the Birth Control Pill Changed Everything

Jonathan Eig usually writes about jocks and gangsters. His latest book is on the creation of the birth control pill, which he insists is more exciting than you might think.

Rosenfeld & ?Woodstein?: At age eighty, Harry Rosenfeld, who oversaw the Washington Post?s coverage of the Watergate scandal, took a break from work to confront the one deadline no human can escape - and wrote his memoir.

Memoirs of Harry Rosenfeld, Newspaperman Who Survived Kristallnacht and Covered Watergate

Harry Rosenfeld survived Kristallnacht in Berlin, and went on to oversee coverage of Watergate as a Washington Post editor. His memoir is as fascinating as his life.

Gilmore?s Complaint: Novelist fearlessly traces the internal terrain of an unsentimental Jewish woman caught in motherhood?s potent spell.

Author Jennifer Gilmore's New Novel Confronts the Mother of All Struggles

When you cannot conceive, the last thing you want to hear is: So, are you pregnant yet? Jennifer Gilmore has written the response, in the form of a novel.

Errol Morris Probes Notorious Murder

Filmmaker Errol Morris unravels a notorious 1970s murder case in his new book. Will the thriller spark a conversation about the innocent people our system convicts?