Regina Weinreich

Disturbingly Ordinary: “The Decent One” is based on a cache of memorabilia, letters, diaries and photos that belonged to Heinrich Himmler.

Himmler Documentary Reflects Evil of Banality

Heinrich Himmler was a mass murderer but also a Catholic family man. Without irony, filmmaker Vanessa Lapa takes us into the ordinary mindset of the notorious Nazi criminal.

Border Police Unit 2010: Undercover border police pose wearing keffiyehs.

Frederic Brenner, the 'Jewish Christo,' Uses Photography To Challenge Israel Debate

Photographer Frédéric Brenner explores identity with massive projects that remind some of Jean-Claude Christo’s artworks. His new show turns the lens on Israel — with a challenge.

20th Century Limited: Theresa Bernstein?s paintings, such as 1916?s ?In the Elevated,? document the history of New York.

Why Theresa Bernstein Was the Jewish Artist of the Century

Painter Theresa Bernstein was considered on a par with Edward Hopper, yet, odds are you don’t know her work. A retrospective is seeking to remedy that.

?Lost? Memories: This 1934 photograph depicts Yehuda Nir?s parents, Samuel and Sidia Grunfeld and Aunt Busia in a café in Poland.

Opera About Holocaust Survivor Premieres for 75th Anniversary of Kristallnacht

On the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht, an opera tells the remarkable survival story of Yehuda Nir and his friendship with Richard Wagner’s great-grandson.

Resistance at Rosenstrasse: Saving Jewish Husbands

During one week in 1943, a little-known but amazing event occurred at a Berlin detention center, a stopping point for one of the last group of Jews targeted for the fated journey east — the Jewish spouses of Aryans. Up until this point, Jews had been protected by intermarriage to Germans, a sore spot in the efficacy of carrying out the Final

The International Star

Even before Manhattan’s West Side piers opened to the public for the 2004 Armory show, a piece by Israeli-born video artist Michal Rovner had already sold for $90,000: a long white steel laboratory table appointed with Petrie dishes, within which quivering DNA-like forms suggest images seen under a microscope. In fact, the images are video

Painting a Portrait of the Artist During the Third Reich

In May 2002, while some Jewish activists were inciting Hollywood regulars to boycott the Cannes Film Festival as a protest against a wave of antisemitism in France, screenwriter and playwright Ronald Harwood was attending the world’s most celebrated film festival for his movie’s premiere. “This is the perfect time for a film on the

‘Everyone Claimed To Have Hid Some Jews in the Cellar’

A blond boy sleds into a woman on a snowy slope at the outset of the beautifully wrought film “Nowhere in Africa,” this year’s official German entry for an Academy Award for best foreign-language film (which opened March 7 at Sunshine Cinema and Lincoln Plaza), based on the German best-selling autobiographical novel by Stefanie