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Bibi’s Da Bomb: Glencampbell students were unconcered about Iran’s nuclear

In Compromise, Bibi Addresses 9th Grade Model Congress in Suburban Illinois

BACKWARD: After all the controversy, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finally addressed Congress — sort of.

Hot Moishe! The winner of the People?s Choice award at the 2014 Dallas Kosher Chili Cookoff was Moishe House, represented by Austin Litoff (with big stirrer), an alumnus, with residents Jaycee Greenblatt (center) and Elissa Riesenfeld (right).

Kosher Chili Cook-Off Builds Jewish Unity Deep in Heart of Texas

Chili is a religion in Texas. So it’s only fitting that the annual kosher cook-off brings together Jews of all denominations and political stripes.

Putting the 'i' in 'Haredi'

Judging by turnout at the Haredi Electronics Show, traditional Jews’ appetite for technology is as voracious as that of a cantor getting his first whiff of post-Yom Kippur kugel.

Palestinian ‘Arab Spring’ Turns Out To Be SodaStream Well

BACKWARD: Experts have long said water would spark the next Middle East flare-up, but no one expected the conflagration to be filled with bubbles.

Bleak: Since its peak in the Truman-era, opportunity for Jewish demography water-cooler chat has become starkly limited.

Jewish Demographic Study Reveals Drastic Need for Jewish Demographers

Jewish demographers are an incredibly valuable and dwindling resource, say Jewish demographers.

Holiday Mashup!: It?s so hard for the little ones to understand how the holiday season can include dreidls, Santa and the fulminating epicenter of universal destruction.

Christmas, Hanukkah or Apocalypse?

For a Jewish parent, there’s just no easy answer to why a bunch of long-dead people who once lived near the Club Med we once vacationed at with Aunt Gertie say we’re all going to die.

Iran on Verge of Creating Cinema Bomb

It appears that years of unflagging effort, dire warnings and sanctions may all have been for naught. Hollywood insiders are warning that the Islamic Republic of Iran has acquired both the materials and technological wherewithal to launch a motion picture guaranteed to bomb catastrophically worldwide.

Israeli Rabbinate Declares Non-Orthodox Jews ‘Kosher — and Delicious’

In a historic ruling, the Israeli rabbinate has finally decided to recognize Reform, Reconstructionist and Conservative Jews — as the perfect entree for Shabbat dinner.