Ron Dicker

The Value Of an Arab Life

Shlomi Eldar, a TV journalist in Israel, thought he had created a simple feel-good documentary about saving the life of a Palestinian baby. Then, the plot thickened like a Hollywood drama.

Aleph-Bet-Hike!: Despite its ups and downs, the footabll team of the San Diego Jewish Acadeny remains an interesting cultural phenomenon.

A Football Team That Recites the Sh’ma

San Diego Jewish Academy, which fields what it says is the nation’s only all-Jewish high school football team, is experiencing its share of tsuris.

Client and Scout: Sylvia (Bat-El Papura) and Arik (Tuval Shafir) talk business in the street.

Make Me A Match

Shortly after the North American press premiere of “The Matchmaker” hit technical difficulties and screened without English subtitles, the film’s Israeli director, Avi Nesher, tried to calm himself. “Wrist-slashing is an option,” he said.

Good Guy Bad Guy: Eliot Spitzer details others? wrongdoing in ?Inside Job.?

Jews Behaving Badly

The cringe-inducing spectacle of Jews tied to the world financial implosion took center stage at the recent Cannes Film Festival. Even fiction got in on the act.

Robed in Snowy White: In Manoel de Oliveira?s ?The Strange Case of Angélica,? the plot begins to unfold after a bride is photographed in death by the Jewish refugee Isaac.

At 101, Director Points His Art at Persecution

It took a 101-year-old Catholic to give Judaism its due at the Cannes Film Festival this year. Manoel de Oliveira, the oldest active director in the world, breathed new life into the ancient issue of persecution in “The Strange Case of Angelica.”

Slalom: Israeli skier Mikail Renzhin competes in 2008 at the FIS Skiing World Cup in Val d?Isere, France.

Against All Odds, Israel Hopes for Medals at Winter Games

With only one major ice rink and a mountain that would never be confused with the Alps, Israel is being buffeted by opposing forces as it prepares to send a small delegation of athletes to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Thank You, Pittsburgh!: William Kunstler salutes the crowd as he leaves the stage while defending the Chicago Seven in 1970.

Our Father, In Law

The Kunstler daughters have made a new documentary about their father, William Kunstler, a Jewish lawyer who represented Martin Luther King Jr. and the Chicago Seven earning a reputation for carrying freedom in his briefcase. He never spoke of antisemitism, but his daughters believe it steered his outlook.

An Ace: Jeff Shulman of Las Vegas is one of the ?November Nine? who will be vying for the $8.6 million top prize in poker.

Chai Rollers Take Four Seats at the Table in Finals of World Series of Poker

In defiance of the odds on a scale of, say, holding a royal flush, four of the nine players who will be sitting at the final table at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas are Jewish.

Her two sleeves and backpiece are by blackwork specialist Daniel DiMattia (her former husband and lifelong friend). (Photo by David Kimelberg)

Jews With Tattoos

Craig Dershowitz started with a Kabbalah Ladder on his back, then followed with the word ZION on his right forearm. His entire torso remains a mural in progress.