Vladislav Davidzon

That Obscure Object of Literature: French-Jewish writer Georges Perec?s dream journal ?La Boutique Obscure? has finally been published in English.

Interpreting the Holocaust Dreams of Literary Puzzle Master Georges Perec

Georges Perec was a founder of the so-called OULIPO movement. The publication of “La Boutique Obscure” represents a growing interest in his work.

Sigmund Freud's Best Pupil and His Descent Into Madness

Wilhelm Reich was once Sigmund Freud’s best pupil. A fascinating but disturbing new collection of letters and journals shows his descent into paranoid megalomania.

Fan and Critic Both

John Leonard was America’s most eminent and prolific culture and book critic when he died four years ago. He published an estimated 5 million words in his career.

After Memories, Modernism

Peter Nadas’s ‘Parallel Stories’ is colossally ambitious. Set in Hungary of 1961 and extending to the falling of the Iron Curtain, it encapsulates an entire civilization.

Mind Your 'L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E'

Poets of the Language School have risen to become the dominant avant-garde of modern American poetics. Any young poet needs to take their achievements seriously but, until now, little was known of the human side of the movement.