Zohar Tirosh-Polk

Fearing that it will upset their wedding plans, the cousins of Latshek Boobitshek, played by Nikki Iliopoulou (left) and Debra Zane (right), resist the news that his mother has died.
While Gilad Shalit Watches: The New Yorker?s Lawrence Wright performs ?The Human Scale? at the 3-Legged Dog in New York.

Gaza, The Wright Way

Lawrence Wright, the renowned author and longtime staff member of The New Yorker, seems surprisingly fragile standing alone onstage in New York City’s 3-Legged Dog Art & Technology Center. Considering he is about to take a long, hard look at the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, especially as it pertains to Gaza, one can forgive the jitters.

Lawrence Wright at the premier of ?My Trip to Al Qaeda.?

Dancing Along, With Color

Art Spiegelman’s world of powerful drawings and the Pilobolus Dance Theater’s playful style intersect in an unusual collaboration that challenged the Pulitzer Prize-winning author to move out of his downtown studio and his own head.

Breaking Down The Door: Gadi Yagil (right) and Rami Baruch struggle in ?Thrill My Heart.?

A Thrill From Beyond the Grave

Love and its crushing disappointments are at the center of Hanoch Levin’s newly discovered play, “Thrill My Heart,” “Hartiti et Leebee” in Hebrew, running now at the Cameri Theatre in Tel Aviv. The play, written by Israel’s most renowned playwright, was discovered shortly after Levin’s death in 1999 and caused a stir of excitement and anticipation. The new production at the Cameri is directed by Udi Ben Moshe and features some of Israel’s most gifted actors and Levin regulars: Rami Baruch, Gadi Yagil and Gita Munte.

Israel?s ?Best Female singer of All Time?: Rita gets inti- mate.

The Israeli Madonna

In politics, Iranian nuclear power is causing Israel concern, but for more than 20 years, an Iranian-born Israeli pop powerhouse has been causing Israelis nothing but pleasure.