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Caplansky's Smoked Meat at 30,000 Feet

Zane Caplansky

Zane Caplansky

How will smoked meat taste at 30,000 feet?

Where To Get a Jewish Bite in Montreal

Image: Wikicommons

Heading north to Montreal this summer? If you’re not, you should be.

Mixing Bowl: Best Egg Creams, Smoked Meat How-to

Image: iStock

Taim, our favorite falafel shop in New York, is getting a second location. [Grubstreet

'Caplansky’s: A Kickin’ it Old Shul Delicatessen'

When Torontonian Zane Caplansky was 16 years old, his then-girlfriend, who was from Montreal, introduced him to the smoked meat of the famed Schwartz’s Delicatessen. Caplansky broke up with that girlfriend many years ago, but his devotion to good deli has been abiding. “My love affair with smoked meat has been long lasting,” he declared.

A Different Kind of Smoked Meat

Image: Flickr: Bill Bumgarner

When I grew up in Toronto in the 1980s and early 1990s, a lot of my classmates in day school were the children of recent transplants from Montreal, and they brought with them nostalgia for the Jewish foods of their home city like Montreal bagels and smoked meat. But I longed for a Montreal food of a different kind — a Montreal smoked turkey at Passover. Heavily spiced and delicious cold, we ordered them from Montreal and they were the centerpieces of our seders. It was a special treat, not in the least because smoked turkey wasn’t the kind of the thing you could make at home (at least not easily).

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