Giving 2013

In the Field: American Jewish World Service chief Ruth Messinger traveled to Ethiopia in 2011;

Ruth Messinger and Marilyn Sneiderman Are Odd Couple of Jewish Social Justice

Ruth Messinger of AJWS and Marilyn Sneiderman of Avodah are friends, leaders — and roommates. Their apartment is a nexus of feminist Jewish social justice power.

Human Nature: In ?The Why Axis,? Uri Gneezy quantifies idiosyncracies.

Unpacking Why and How People Donate

Uri Gneezy, a behavioral economist, uncovers why and how people donate in his new book, ‘The Why Axis.’

Glass Half Full: Neil Blumenthal is one of the four founders of Warby Parker.

Neil Blumenthal Is Behind Each Pair of Distributed Warby Parker Glasses

For every pair of glasses Warby Parker sells, it gives a pair to someone in need. The strategy is as clever as it is generous.

Millennial Giving Gets Jumpstart in Unexpected Way

‘Cause for Change’ is an important book for anyone seeking to understand why millennial’s decentralized approach to giving matters.

Reduce, Reuse: Honest Tea ?TeaEO? Seth Goldman (third from right) celebrates the company?s recycling campaign in Manhattan?s Times Square.

Honest Tea’s Mission To Sell Less-Sugary Beverages Includes Philanthropy

The creators of Honest Tea wanted to sell a natural, less sugary tea and do it in socially responsible way. Their commitment to altruism sometimes trumps the company’s sense of competition.