Out and About: World's Oldest Actress; Heart of Harold Bloom

  • Israeli Hanna Maron has become the world’s longest performing actress after 83 years on stage.

  • William Deresiewicz explains why Harold Bloom is much like Conrad’s Mr. Kurtz.

  • A new collection by Shel Silverstein is coming out this month, 12 years after the author’s death.

  • Can Mel Gibson actually be good for the Maccabees?

  • Oxford’s Bodleian Library has put its manuscript of the Rambam’s Misnneh Torah online.

  • Unpious talks to Shalom Auslander about leaving Orthodoxy.

  • VH1 salutes Eli Valley’s tribute to Amy Winehouse.

  • After 31 years, R.E.M. has called it quits.

  • Sara Marcus appreciates music critic Ellen Willis in the Los Angeles Review of Books. Read my own review here.

  • London’s Whitechapel Gallery is highlighting the relationship between Mark Rothko and Britain.

  • Geoffrey Edelstein is reading Joshua Cohen’s “Witz” for the second time, and letting us know how it goes.

  • Elif Batuman takes note of our piece on Odessa’s Isaac Babel Monument.