Brooklyn Store Sells Swastika Earrings

Looking for some earrings? No problem: You can just pop into the Bejeweled store on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn to choose a pair from a variety of designs. There are little hearts, peace signs, initials… and swastikas.

Yes, they sell swastika earrings — though whoever made them appears not to have been able to tell right from left. Nonetheless, they still look unmistakably like the symbol of Nazi Germany.

The customer who alerted Gawker to these offensive baubles reportedly approached the store’s clerk to ask why the store was selling them. According to the tipster, she replied that people had been asking for them. When the tipster pressed her with, “So you ordered them?” She reportedly “shrugged and said ‘business’ with a weak smile.” The tipster added “she seemed sheepish, like she knew why I was bringing them to her attention.”

Bejeweled was down to its last pair of the swastika earrings. The Shmooze hopes that whomever is in charge of reordering stock will ignore any demand from customers, and instead heed another kind of demand — the kind that’s for common decency. You know, that thing that tells you to not disseminate or make a profit off hateful symbols.